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About the Site and the Ring Master

This blog/fansite contains anything and everything about Paul Levesque, better known as the Cerebral Assassin - Triple H. It is also a professional wrestling portal that has news and updates on the WWE, TNA, ROH and other professional wrestling federations including the independent circuit and mixed martial arts. I'm also a roller derby non-skating official so there is news on that too. The MD/DC/VA area has a lot of wrestling history and KLQ tries to showcase that. KLQ reports on the different and unusual while promoting the good in professional wrestling. You can get the typical bullsh*t from the dirt sheets.

My name is Kaliqo (KLQ, get it?) and I am an admitted wrestling geek. I have been a wrestling fan since I was a kid and a fan of Paul Levesque since he started in WCW as Terra Ryzing.

I am not connected to any promotion nor do I claim to have insider information. I am just a fan of professional wrestling and this blog is my way of showing my appreciation for the art. And yes, it is an art.

Please browse the site, read the articles, and feel free to leave a comment.

Site Feedback

Keep up the great work on the site. I'm a big fan!"
- Jason Deadrich, ChickFight

If you are into wrestling as much as this old fool. Check this out, inside to dramatic she has it all!
- Joe Prosser, Foolsville 2.0

I am not into wrestling but this is the most fabulously done blog! I love the design and action on it. And done by a woman! Marvelous job! Of course she is aquarian! Me too!
- Retro:Kimmer

I will definitely be coming here when I start researching about wrestling! Great site!
- Stiletto Sports

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